Paramedic PUSM Antupara Base Clinic Ramgor, Dist. Khagrachari, CHT

I am Kakona Chakma, Paramedic PUSM Antupara Base Clinic Ramgor, Dist. Khagrachari, CHT

I have spent almost one and half year working in PUSM project. I gained lot of experience and have developed my capacity to analyze field situation. I feel very good when I think about the women I am currently working with and who utterly lacked proper health knowledge. Being able to help them is my satisfaction. I previously worked in hospital and the patients I met and helped had some health knowledge. Here the situation is dire. It is my own area and I was utterly shocked when I met the people and saw their health and hygienic status. I now know my people and whenever I say something about their health they listen to me carefully. It was not the case previously. When I spoke to people in the hospital they did not pay heed to me and brushed off my advices. Here people respect and listen to me. If they keep their habits and health practices changing then I am sure that there will soon be significant improvement in women reproductive health in the area.

I have learned how to make me acceptable to people and change their life. When I came to this area, which is very remote and located deep in the hills I was bit nervous. I thought how could I stay there when I don’t know the people and the area? But I managed to overcome my fear and anxiety when I started to live there. My job has taught me a lot. I have come to know how to make friendship with ordinary people and win their heart. I feel myself important and have a sense of purpose.