Alauddin Miah, Purano Bandar in Narayanganj Sadar

Alauddin Miah, son of Fazal Haque of Purano Bandar in Narayanganj Sadar comes of a lower middle class family. He migrated to Saudi Arabia in 1995 in search of job. He stayed there for six years working in a Koel farm. He was underpaid and the job was not his liking. Finding no other alternatives he returned home empty handed with broken heart. He was confused and stymied at the beginning. Using his skills learned in foreign land he set up a small farm with 200 Koel inside tin-roofed house. It was too small for his dream and he was aspiring to expand his farm. Rina Begum, his wife came forward to his help. She became a member of Bashari SCG (Savings and Credit Group) and took a loan of BDT 10 thousand from Pidim for their farm. Investing the loan in their farm gave an impetus to their business. Rina took more loans from Pidim one after the other and kept their farm size growing. They recently repaid BDT 70 thousand with interest to Pidim against loan and waiting for another loan of BDT 100 thousand. Rina, her son and her husband now work in their farm. They have 4 hatcheries and 15,000 Koel in their farm. They sell fledglings and Koel eggs in Dhaka market and earn BDT 50 thousand per month. They now can run their family smoothly and also looks after education of their children with the income. They spent BDT 12,000 thousand from their savings to purchase 4 decimal of land. Alaudding is now a happy and successful man and has set an example for other.