Project Duration: 1 September 2014 to 31 December 2015


Pidim (Pidim Foundation) initiated ECD project in Jhenaigati upazila (sub-district) of Sherpur district on Sept. 1, 2013 following phasing out of SIDEP (Strategic Initiatives for Development of Extreme Poor) project in the same area. Inclusive education for Children with Disability (CwD) is the seminal concept of the project. On the whole education of CwD has been neglected both at home and public school in the country. A child born with disability or become disabled at later life becomes victim of exclusion at home and outside family. Parents often feel embarrassed dealing with their disabled children. Desperation force parents to keep CwD away from eyes of neighbors, who are not friendly towards the latter. CwD often become victim of mocking and slander in public place, which erode their self respect and dignity. Common attitude and social behaviors profoundly impact on upbringing of CwD in a very negative way. Addressing the problems Pidim started pre-primary education for CwD using physical facilities provided by the community. Coming to class everyday and learning the skills of reading and writing alphabet and numbers bring to them joy and thrill, which they never had before. This helps them restore their self-confidence and dignity. Their desire for pursuing their educational carrier in the future with local school is getting stronger as they progress with their pre-school education. It will not be very far when they will be able to qualify for admission to local schools and continue their study with other students.